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Create TV

Hometime is now on Create TV!

  • Create TV is a joint venture of American Public Television, WNET in New York and WGBH in Boston.
  • Create TV is like a public television version of your favorite home and garden cable channels. 
  • Create TV broadcasts home improvement, decorating, design, food and lifestyle programming 24/7.


Create TV is carried by most large public television stations on one of their new digital channels. Go to your local public television station’s web site to see if they are broadcasting Create TV.  Or call them and ask.

To receive Create TV on one of your PBS station’s secondary digital channels, you can…

…receive it “over the air” with an antenna (or “rabbit ears”) and a newer TV with a digital tuner

…receive it  “over the air” with an antenna (or “rabbit ears”) and a digital TV converter box attached to an older TV with an analog tuner

…receive it as part of the basic cable local channels from your cable provider using a digital TV or an analog TV with a digital converter box

…receive it as part of the digital cable package from your cable provider

…receive it as part of a local channel package from you satellite provider

Remember, not ALL PBS stations are carrying Create TV.  And not all cable and satellite providers will carry the PBS station’s secondary digital channels.

It’s complicated, for sure.  We recommend checking out Create TV’s web site for some more advice on how to get the service.  Also check out the government’s web site about the conversion to digital TV.

We also recommend checking out the web site of your local PBS station, which will probably have advice about how to receive their digital channels.

Hometime appears on CreateTV on average every other month. When CreateTV is running Hometime the shows generally air about 5 times per week. Check out the Hometime Page on the Create TV web site to see if Hometime is in the schedule right now and what shows are playing.

The Hometime programs that Create TV carries are ones that have been broadcast by PBS in the past year or so.  So if you missed a particular episode of Hometime on your local PBS station, you might be able to catch it on Create TV.