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Syndication Schedule - 2014 Season

Episode Title Episode synopsis
1/4/14 Uptown Kitchen 6 (S1314) It's time for finishing touches as Dean and Miriam trim out the kitchen, mud room and powder room.
1/11/14 Uptown Kitchen 7 (S1315) Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew fire up the fixtures and appliances as they wrap up the project.
1/18/14 Small Yards 1 (S1301) Hometime helps two neighbors design and install coordinated landscapes on smaller, adjacent lots.
1/25/14 Small Yards 2 (S1302) The Hometime team pitches in to work a pillar and a seating wall into the hardscaping on a smaller yard.
2/1/14 Stone Cottage – Closet Organizers (S1213) Hometime explores the storage options for closets and installs a discrete fireplace screen.
2/8/14 Stone Cottage – Wine Cellar (S1214) Hometime builds a sophisticated wine cellar racking system and installs a climate control unit.
2/15/14 Stone Cottage – Side Porch (S1215) Hometime builds massive decorative wood brackets and gives a new kitchen a test run with a local celebrity chef.
2/22/14 Stone Cottage – Workshop (S1216) Sophisticated tool storage systems and a custom workbench.
3/1/14 Stone Cottage – Home Theater (S1217) The latest in TV technology and automated controls for entertainment equipment.
3/8/14 Stone Cottage – Outdoor Kitchen Island (S1218) Hometime builds an outdoor cooking island and anchors an outdoor lamp post.  Plus an explanation of the computerized lighting system.
3/15/14 Stone Cottage – Built-In Grill (S1219) Hometime sets an outdoor grill into a stone and granite island. Also, the mechanics of a modern player piano.
3/22/14 Stone Cottage – Mailbox & Flower Box (S1220) Thoughtful design and careful carpentry tie mailboxes and a flower box to the architectural style of a home.
3/29/14 Stone Cottage – Cottage Expressions (S1221) Building full extension drawers, attaching snow guards and exploring a home’s cottage style.
4/5/14 Clean, Green and Efficient (S1211) Critical septic and electrical upgrades for a vacation home.
4/12/14 Security Goes Wireless (S1212) Wireless home security components, anti-scald, thermostatic bath valves and lead-safe remodeling practices.
4/19/14 Uptown Kitchen 1 (S1309) Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew begin updating the 1970's remodel of a 1911 kitchen with new windows and a new patio door in the bumpout.
4/26/14 Uptown Kitchen 2 (S1310) Double hung windows are updated with new inserts as Hometime guts the kitchen and reframes the powder room for a pocket door.
5/3/14 Uptown Kitchen 3 (S1311) Dean and Miriam finish up rough-ins, insulation, drywall and priming to get ready for new cabinets.
5/10/14 Uptown Kitchen 4 (S1312) Dean and Miriam show how to blend two different finishes as they install new cabinets.
5/17/14 Uptown Kitchen 5 (S1313) Dean and Miriam get the kitchen, mud room and powder room areas ready for new flooring and countertops.
5/24/14 Uptown Kitchen 6 (S1314) It's time for finishing touches as Dean and Miriam trim out the kitchen, mud room and powder room.
5/31/14 Uptown Kitchen 7 (S1315) Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew fire up the fixtures and appliances as they wrap up the project.
6/7/14 New Home Preparations (S1316) Getting ready for new home construction with coverage of plans, foundation materials and proper silt fence techniques.
6/14/14 Building with ICF's (S1317) Placing and filling energy-saving insulated concrete forms for the new home foundation.
6/21/14 Pre-Building New Home Walls (S1318) The new home's remaining foundation forms are filled with concrete as the framed walls are pre-built at a factory.
6/28/14 Floors and Walls (S1319) Setting pre-cast hollow core panels, laying drainage pipe around the foundation and framing the basement.
7/5/14 Old Wood for New Homes (S1320) Setting first floor trusses and walls on site while previewing the reclaimed lumber to be used for the home's decorative timber frame trusses.
7/12/14 Roof Truss Planning (S1321) Setting the second floor trusses and walls as plans for the roof framing are finalized.
7/19/14 Timber Framing (S1322) Installing roof trusses and sheathing and visiting the timber framers.
7/26/14 Raising the Roof (S1323) Hanging timber frame trusses over the great room.
8/2/14 Ready for Windows (S1324) Drying in the home and installing windows properly.
8/9/14 Building with Stone (S1325) Getting ready for stone installation and visiting a quarry to see how it's fabricated.
8/16/14 Hillside Home: Windows (S1303) Hometime explores the blending of exterior elements in new home construction with a focus on windows as well as the installation of a landscape bridge.
8/23/14 Hillside Home: Roofing (S1304) Dean and Miriam frame and deck the new landscape bridge as the home's roof gets covered with copper and synthetic slate.
8/30/14 Hillside Home: Siding (S1305) The new landscape bridge is ready for railings and a beautiful set of steps ias the new home gets a complete system of siding, soffits, fascia and trim.
9/6/14 Hillside Home: Doors and Stone (S1306) The new home's architecture is enhanced with continuity of garage doors, entry doors and shutters as the foundation is covered with natural thin veneer stone.
9/13/14 Hillside Home: Driveway and Walkway (S1307) Dean, Miriam, and Bucky pitch in to install a paver driveway, walkway and step veneer.
9/20/14 Hillside Home: Landscape Wrap (S1308) Finishing a hilly back yard with landscape steps and tile, a fire ring, plants and sprinklers.
9/27/14 North Woods Trees (S1401) Planting site-appropriate trees after a storm and building a crib for firewood cut and split from the damaged timber.
10/4/14 Timber Shed Wall Framing (S1402) Pre-building timber frame walls inside and re-building on a new slab near Hometime Log Cabin.
10/11/14 Timber Shed Roof Framing

(1403) Pre-building timber frame style roof trusses inside and re-assembling those on site as shed construction continues.
10/18/14 Timber Shed Doors (S1404) Installing custom carriage house doors and laying a system of tailored pavers.
10/25/14 Timber Shed Roof and Stone (S1405) Installing clay tile roofing and natural stone cladding for the walls.

11/1/14 Timber Shed Finishing Touches (S1406) Finishing up the exterior and getting the new shed ready for winter.
11/8/14 Solving Drainage Issues (S1407) Learn about PVC fittings, plastic plumbing supplies and solving big drainage issues in new home construction.
11/15/14 Basement Floors (S1408) Find out what it takes to make a basement floor water-tight and warm to the toes.

11/22/14 Installing Windows (S1409) See the last few steps needed to get things dried in, including a lot of glass from top to bottom.
11/29/14 Waterproofing the Garage (S1410) Discover the secrets to keeping a new garage well-drained and warm.
12/6/14 Mechanicals (S1411) Learn about wiring, lighting, heating and a gas fireplace as work progresses on the new home’s mechanical systems.
12/13/14 Siding (S1412) Find out how multiple elements are blended together to create harmonious exteriors.
12/20/14 Gypsum Floors (S1413) After the radiant floor tubes are laid at the new house, they're covered with gypsum underlayment.
12/27/14 Duct Sealing (S1414) While the roof is made watertight at the new house, the heating and cooling ducts are sealed from the inside.

* Please check local listings for exact airdates and times.