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Advertising Opportunities

With nearly three decades of continuous television exposure, HOMETIME is one of the most trusted brands in home improvement:

  • Reputable, respected, reliable
  • Trusted and trustworthy
  • Experience and expertise

Hometime offers a variety of advertising opportunities that will enable you to  showcase your company, products or service. Take a moment to look over the advertising options available.


Hometime on Public Television

With nearly 700 episodes of television produced, HOMETIME reaches the home improvement enthusiast  like few other programs can.

PBS is the Gold Standard

Public television, known for its standard of excellence, continues to be a perfect fit for Hometime. A recent PBS Image Study noted that the majority of PBS viewers...

…said that PBS sets the standard of quality for television
…believe that companies that fund PBS have a commitment to quality and excellence
…agree that underwriters are usually industry leaders
…are more likely to choose to buy a product from a company that supports PBS, all other things being equal

More than 65 million people in 40 million households watch public television either on-air or online during an average week.  The majority of American households (55%) – nearly 109 million people – watch over-the-air public television at least once a month.

PBS captures a more educated and more affluent audience than the US population as a whole.

A Unique Setting  for Your Message

The PBS “Billboard” that appears at the beginning and end of each episode of Hometime is a clean, uncluttered environment for corporate messaging.

Each billboard pod is never more than one minute long, meaning viewers tend to stay engaged with the program and the billboard content.

Hometime PBS Viewers

Hometime on public television has a loyal audience of engaged, informed, knowledgeable, and motivated viewers with 238 PBS stations airing Hometime for 80% coverage of the US (Source: PBS Standard Carriage Report, February 2013).

    Monthly Averages (2012)
  • Average Audience: 673,000
  • Households: 557,000
  • Adults 25-54: 206,000
  • Adults 55+: 413,000
  • USTVHH Coverage: 76%
  • Weekly airings: 317

    Source: Nielsen Television Index: PBS Pocketpiece

Compared to the average US adult, Hometime viewers are 116% more likely to have personally completed four or more home improvement projects in the past year.

Compared to the average US adult, Hometime viewers are 99% more likely to have spent more than $7,500 on home remodeling in the past year.

Underwriting Sponsorship Opportunities
For more information about how your company can become an underwriter for Hometime on public television, please contact Kathi Johnson.

Hometime in National Syndication

Original Hometime programming can also be seen on commercial television stations around the US.

The syndication version of Hometime is cleared on approximately 250 analog and digital stations, covering 77% of US TV Households.  Around 50% of those households are cleared through CBS, NBC, ABC or FOX affiliates.

    Monthly Averages (Season 11)
  • Average Audience: 440,000
  • Households: 373,000
  • Adults 25-54: 175,000
  • Adults 55+: 217,000

    (Source: Nielsen Pocketpiece, (Syndicated Season 11/Sept 2011-Aug 2012))

Commercially syndicated episodes of Hometime contain four commercial pods, accommodating traditional :15- and :30-second spots.  Bumpers and billboards are also available.

Commercial Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information about how your company can become a sponsor for the commercial version of Hometime, please contact Kathi Johnson.

Launched in 1995, is one of the oldest, most comprehensive home improvement advice sites on the web.  Besides being a companion site to the television programs, it has detailed, step-by-step instructions for almost every home improvement project and skill.

    Monthly Averages (2012)
  • Page Views: 349,00
  • Visitors: 140,568
  • Total Ad Impressions: 1,960,000

Display offers a full range of display opportunities that can be customized to meet the needs of your business.  Ads can run site-wide or in specific how-to content areas that correlate closely with the goods or services being promoted.

    Specifications (File Dimensions):

  • Leaderboard: 728(w) x 90(h) pixels (CTR: .47%)
  • Skyscraper: 160(w) x 600(h) pixels (CTR: .65%)
  • Box: 300(w) x 250(h) pixels (CTR: 52%)

Online Advertising Opportunities

To learn more about how your company can advertise on, please contact Kathi Johnson.