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About Us

Co-Host And Crew Bios

Dean JohnsonDean Johnson
Dean Johnson is a Minnesota native who is the Host and Executive Producer of HOMETIME. Although his bachelor’s degree is in accounting, Dean has long had an interest in fixing up and beautifying homes – which is what eventually led him to create HOMETIME Video Publishing in 1984.

The father of two, Johnson is married to his high school sweetheart, Kathi. Contrary popular belief, Johnson has never been married to any of his HOMETIME co-hosts.

The Johnson family has recently grown with the addition of grand-children. Together the Johnson clan enjoys downhill and cross-country skiing and vacation together as often as possible.

Miriam JohnsonMiriam Johnson

Don’t be confused by the last name: HOMETIME co-host Miriam is no relation to Dean Johnson!

Miriam signed on as Dean’s co-host after returning to Minnesota after a film and television career in Los Angeles.

She and her husband Paul have completed many renovation projects on homes they’ve owned. She takes a hands-on approach around the house and boasts being a true “do-it-yourselfer” – a skill she acquired from her father. She also enjoys creating and building furniture in her spare time.

Miriam and Paul have two children and when schedules and time permits, the family enjoys getting away from it all to camp and hike in the mountains

Tom WeckwerthTom Weckwerth
(a.k.a. "Buki")

Tom has been part of the Hometime crew for almost 20 years. As Location Manager, Tom is the "go-to guy." He makes sure everyone knows when and where the next shoot is, keeps tabs on the correct wardrobe, and ensures the proper lighting.

Between shoots—and sometimes during—Tom is often found working on the actual construction project. In addition to golfing, fishing, and playing drums in a band, Tom loves spending time with his daughter, Riley, and wife, Michelle. Thus far, the Lodge-Style Log Cabin is Tom's favorite project. You might have noticed Tom "hamming it up" on camera many times before. He's been known to jump out of boxes, closets, or anything else to scare Dean and the crew!

Wes FossWes Foss
(a.k.a. "Let's Go for a Ride")

Wes is a recent addition to the Hometime crew, but longtime viewers will recall that we first met Wes supervising the restoration of the foundation and the wrap-around screen porches at a Lake Minnetonka summer home owned by his wife's family since its construction in 1886. After that, we teamed up with Wes on the side porch and kitchen updates at the summer home, a caretaker home screen porch restoration and powder room/master bath remodel.

Bill Gibb

In the realm of video production, Producer/Director Bill Gibb is a Renaissance Man. Bill is responsible for shooting, directing and editing HOMETIME – tasks he has mastered through years of experience in local and national television. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, motorcycling, working out and doing projects around the house.

Karen EliasKaren Elias

Karen has been editing the Hometime TV show since 2005, most recently under the watchful supervision of a flat-coated retriever known around the office as Key. Prior to Hometime, Karen produced, edited and directed for the Minnesota Timberwolves and ran the Target Arena video board, and she's also worked on national spots as well as music videos. Her other interests include cycling, baking and exploring 19th century photography.

JoJo LiebelerJoJo Liebeler

What goes around comes around. That’s true of  JoJo Liebeler who served as one of HOMETIME’S original co-hosts and is now back to help with underwriting and sponsor relations. While she still does some work in front of the camera, JoJo’s passion is creating, producing and writing for television at 2x4 Productions. She also serves on two non-profit boards and authored a book called JoAnne Liebeler’s Do-it-Herself in 2007.

Dan LaabsDan Laabs
(a.k.a. "Lenny")

Dan was a construction coordinator for nearly 20 years with Hometime before moving on to similar duties with a builder/remodeler in the Twin Cities area. He took part in a number of memorable projects, including the House with Character, the Lodge Style Log Home, the Autumn Woods project and the Stone Cottage project. And even though he's working elsewhere now, you'll continue to see him in a lot of our online clips and archived shows.

Judd NelsonJudd Nelson

Judd spent 12 years as Hometime's Construction Manager. Before going into construction, Judd taught art at a public school here in the Twin Cities. Judd's hobbies include painting watercolors and playing bluegrass on his guitar. Judd and his wife, Kathy, have two sons, Tyler and Chris, and a daughter, Brooke. The Lodge-Style Log Cabin holds many fond memories for Judd, who worked on the project for almost two years. Since retiring from Hometime, Judd has turned his hobby of creating unique metal sculptures into a business.  You can see some of his work at his web site:

Robin HartlRobin Hartl

Robin co-hosted with Dean from 1993 to 2004. With twelve seasons and over three hundred episodes, Robin was on Hometime longer than any other female co-host. Besides Hometime reruns, Robin is still on TV.  You might have seen her on infomercials with Richard Karn (“Al Borland” from the sitcom Home Improvement ) for the Little Giant Ladder Systems. And she says she hasn't ruled out having a TV show of her own. To stay updated on her activities you can check out her web site: