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Trans 1) Getting Started Trans
2) Building Codes
3) Removing Toilets & Sinks
4) Demolishing Tubs and Walls
5) Framing Walls & Windows
6) Framing Showers & Tubs
7) Mechanical Systems
8) Drywall and Backer Board
9) Cabinets
10) Countertops
11) Ceramic Tile
12) Vinyl Flooring
13) Picking Faucets & Sinks
14) Choosing Showers, Tubs & Toilets
15) Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches


Bathroom finishing involves many little details. This section mentions items common to most remodeling projects.

Most of the work leading up to this point has already been done -- things like running electrical cable, framing, tiling.

All you really need to do is level and fasten in place accessories like grab bars, soap dish, shelves, towel racks/hooks, toilet tissue holder.

Wall mirrors are often glued to the wall with globs of strong epoxy. This glue really holds, and removing mirrors often involves breaking them off in pieces.

Cutting mirrors to fit isn't very easy, so we often work with a glass contractor. They measure the wall before cutting the mirrors and adjust for any irregularities -- like an uneven ceiling.

toe kickMillwork trims out the doors and floor. Usually, the door and woodwork are stained to match the cabinets. Our cabinets included a plywood toe kick that we notched to fit over the heat duct.

Trim pieces may also fit up against a mirror. This may create a reflection of the trim's back side, so stain it too, or add a little piece of black electrical tape to hide it.

Dean Johnson installing light fixtureInstall light fixtures last to avoid breaking them. Feed the electrical cable through the fixture hole, position the fixture level, and if possible, attach it to wall studs.

Make sure to attach the ground wire to the fixture's case or included grounding wire when connecting the wires.