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Installing a Chain-Link Fence

imgSet the corner posts for a chain-link fence first.

Let the concrete set up a bit and then make your final adjustments so they're plumb in both directions.

Once the concrete is dry, use the corner posts to string lines to line up the middle posts. Usually chain-link fence posts are spaced about 10 feet apart.

Make sure your concrete is totally cure before installing the fencing fabric because this puts a lot of tension on the posts.

An alternative to setting your posts in concrete is to use an anchoring system with stakes. Using this method you can set the posts to the exact height you need. Posts set in concrete need to be cut off at the right height with a pipe cutter.

The top rail goes through loop caps on top of the line posts. This rail forms the top frame that the fencing stretches across.

Roll the fencing out on the outside of the fence. If you need to extend the fencing you can weave two pieces together with a single strand.

imgAttach the fabric to a post at one end of the fence. You do this with a tension bar and tension bands.

Loosely tie all the fencing to the top rail. Then stretch the fencing by hand as far as you can.

Use a winch, made especially for this type of job, to pull the fencing until it's tight. Then permanently attach the fencing to the posts and top rail.