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Trans 1) Basic Window Styles Trans
2) Window Glazing
3) Door Options
4) Installing and Replacing Doors
5) Fitting a Door Blank
6) Framing for a Window
7) Installing a Flanged Window
8) Replacement Window Insert Units
9) Skylights & Roof Windows
10) Garage Door Installation
  11) Glossary  

Replacement Window Insert Units

There are several strategies and products to replace older windows without having to remove any trim, siding or drywall.

Several window manufacturers make complete double-hung replacement window units that come without exterior trim and that are engineered to fit INSIDE the jambs of an old double-hung window. They are custom built to fit exactly into the existing opening. The result is more energy efficient, more functional, and, usually, more attractive.

filling the old weight pocket with insulationYou pull out the old sashes and stops. You remove any springs, ropes and weights that operated the old sashes. You can fill the old weight pocket with insulation.

Then you insert the unit and secure it to the existing jambs. They generally have trim pieces that will cover the gap between the new unit and the trim.


Replacement Sash Kits

window LinerA variation on a complete window insert unit is a system that comes with two double-hung sashes and detached tracks. Like a complete insert, these fit INSIDE the jambs of an existing double-hung window.

Once the old window and stops are removed you fasten metal brackets evenly down the window frame and snap the vinyl jamb liners in place.

Snap in windowThe new sashes will tilt into place and are balanced by springs inside the jamb liners.

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