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Stone Cottage Episode Index

Stone Cottage Front
Dean and Miriam follow the construction of a new custom home over the course of 39 shows, with plans by Mike Sharratt and Nora Kirkwold and interior design by Brooke Voss.
Stone Cottage Rear
Episode Title
Stone Cottage – Cul-De-Sac Prep
(2404) The Hometime crew works with surveyors, graders and architects to prepare a building site. Episode one of a thirteen-part series focusing on this well-designed, state-of-the-art home. (Part 1 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Concrete & Foam
(2405) The Hometime crew works with a contractor to excavate for the new house and use poured-in-place insulating concrete forms for the basement walls. (Part 2 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Instant House
(2406) The Hometime crew helps out as the floors and walls of the house are pre-built in a nearby factory and then quickly assembled at the job site on top of the foundation. (Part 3 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Roofscape
(2407) The Hometime crew watches as the intricate roof framing components for the house are pre-built off-site, assembled on the ground, and finally hoisted into place. (Part 4 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Windows
(2408) The Hometime crew supervises the design, construction and installation of the windows for the home, and explains the natural slate roofing system. (Part 5 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Concrete Floors
(2409) The Hometime crew prepares for and supervises the installation of the basement, garage and porch floors. (Part 6 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Inner Workings
(2410) The Hometime crew manages the installation of the ductwork, recessed lighting, and central vacuum while also helping out with the driveway, stonework and siding. (Part 7 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Insulation
(2411) The Hometime crew installs cables for lighting control, audio, video and security and helps out with several types of insulation. (Part 8 of 22)
Stone Cottage – Geothermal
(2412) The Hometime crew helps out installing the radiant floor heating system and the geothermal heating and cooling equipment. (Part 9 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Interior Walls
(2414) After some last-minute preparation crews install four different types of wall board for the interior walls and ceilings. (Part 10 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Vaulted Ceiling (2415) The project house gets sheathing for the floors, extra-tough primer on the walls, and a stained-cedar vaulted ceiling in three high-profile rooms. (Part 11 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Millwork
(2416) Wooden beams are built outside for the porches.  Inside, hardwood trim wainscoting is installed. (Part 12 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Exterior Doors (2417)  The Hometime crews scopes out how the custom matching garage and entry doors are made, and helps out leveling the floors for tiling. (Part 13 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Tile (2418) The Hometime crew helps out as craftsmen install ceramic and natural stone tile in the bathrooms, natural stone on the fireplace, and natural stone for the retaining walls. (Part 14 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Driveway (2419) The Hometime crew installs the paver driveway, as well as the master bathroom cabinets. (Part 15 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Interior Doors (2420) The Hometime crew works on the interior doors, kitchen cabinets, wainscoting, and exterior columns. (Part 16 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Laundry Room (2421) The Hometime crew installs custom cabinets for the laundry room and starts the home’s wood flooring.  (Part 17 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Office (2422) The home office begins to take shape, as the custom staircase work begins. (Part 18 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Countertops (2423) The stone countertops are fabricated and installed. (Part 19 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Fixtures & Appliances (2424) The Hometime crew installs cabinets, countertops and landscaping. (Part 20 of 39
Stone Cottage -- Retractable Screens (2425) The covered porch gets motorized screens, the garage floor gets an epoxy coating, and the last few cabinets are installed. (Part 21 of 39)
Stone Cottage – Sod & Stone (2426) The custom handrail is built, granite countertops are installed, the drip irrigation is wrapped up, and the yard gets sod. (Part 22 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Finishing the Trim (2501) Varnishing the cherry millwork, applying stone on the basement fireplace and wrapping up the irrigation. (Part 23 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Porch Railing (2502) The metal railing gets built, sandblasted, powder coated and installed while the garage walls and ceiling are paneled. (Part 24 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Lighting (2503) The recessed lights, hanging lights, and surface-mounted fixtures are installed. (Part 25 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Kitchen & Baths (2504) Installation of state-of-the-art lighting controls, undercabinet lights, and mirrors finishes off the kitchen and bathrooms. (Part 26 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Lower Level (2509) Finishing the gas fireplace, wet bar tile and workshop walls and ceiling. (Part 27 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Storage (2510) Installing cabinets and hanging storage for the garage and the workshop. (Part 28 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Carpet (2511) Preparing and installing area rugs, stair runners and wall-to-wall carpet and testing out the new central vacuum. (Part 29 of 39)
Stone Cottage -- Electronics (2512) Installing and operating the home theater, the lighting control system, and the whole-house audio. (Part 30 of 39)
Closet Organizers (2513) Hometime explores the storage options for closets and installs a discrete fireplace screen. (Part 31 of 39)
Wine Cellar (2514) Hometime builds a sophisticated wine cellar racking system and installs a climate control unit. (Part 32 of 39)
Side Porch (2515) Hometime builds massive decorative wood brackets and gives a new kitchen a test run with a local celebrity chef. (Part 33 of 39)
Workshop (2516) Sophisticated tool storage systems and a custom workbench. (Part 34 of 39)
Home Theater (2517) The latest in TV technology and automated controls for entertainment equipment. (Part 35 of 39)
Outdoor Kitchen Island (2518) Hometime builds an outdoor cooking island and anchors an outdoor lamp post. (Part 36 of 39)
Built-in Grill (2519) Hometime sets an outdoor grill into a stone and granite island. (Part 37 of 39)
Mailbox & Flower Box (2520) Thoughtful design and careful carpentry tie mailboxes and a flower box to the architectural style of a home. (Part 38 of 39)
Cottage Style Expressions (2521) Building full extension drawers, attaching snow guards and exploring a home’s cottage style. (Part 39 of 39)