American Four-Square: Show Index

A series of eleven shows renovating an American Four-Square house with the challenge of preserving its 1900s character while meeting the demands of the 1990's family.

(Series originally broadcast January-March 1997; Rebroadcast April-June 1998)

American Four-Square I
Dean and Robin discuss the plans to update a classic American four-square house. They begin demolition and observe the removal of old stucco and siding.

American Four-Square II
Finishing demolition, showing the installation of the insulated concrete foundation, and beginning framing the addition.

American Four-Square III
Finishing framing the addition and beginning framing interior walls, installing new windows and upgrading existing windows, and showing viewers how the hot-water heating is converted to a ducted HVAC system.

American Four-Square IV
Insulating and installing baffles in the roof. Contractors come to install the new HVAC system, and drywall is delivered for the new addition.

American Four-Square V
Contractors hang and mud drywall. They prime walls, install ceiling beams and start on the kitchen cabinets.

American Four-Square VI
Matching new flooring and trim to what already exists in the house. Installing pre-finished wood flooring, and finishing the windows with custom-milled trim.

American Four-Square VII
Finishing up the trim details around the windows and doors. Installing the back door, getting the countertops measured, and putting in some cans for the recessed lights.

American Four-Square VIII
Visiting the wood shop where the trim and custom cabinets are made. Meanwhile, the contractors progress work on the trim and cabinets, and the roofing.

American Four-Square IX
Installing some unique tile for the bathroom floors and walls, and bathroom and kitchen backsplashes. Installing some door hardware and getting the solid surface countertops installed.

American Four-Square X
Wrapping up the last details for this addition project. Finishing appliances in the kitchen, fixtures and countertops in the bathrooms, and wallpaper and light fixtures throughout the house.

American Four-Square XI
Reviewing the design and construction. Final walk-through focuses on interior finish materials, including stone, hardware, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and heat registers.


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