Colonial Addition: Show Index

A series of six shows on adding a two-story addition to a 1920's colonial-style home.

(Series originally broadcast October - December 1998)

Colonial Addition: Foundation and Framing
Dean and Robin break ground for a two-story addition to a 1927 colonial-style home. As the addition is framed up they explain how the new floor plan will solve existing layout problems, which include a tiny kitchen, single bathroom, and poor traffic flow.

Colonial Addition: Roofing, Windows, and Doors
Dean and Robin frame the opening between the house and the addition and move partition walls in the house. Shingles, windows, and doors are installed.

Colonial Addition: Mechanical and Wall Systems
Dean and Robin explain the upgrades in the home's electrical, plumbing, and radiant heat systems as insulation and wallboard are installed.

Colonial Addition: Cabinets
Dean and Robin install the kitchen, bath, and utility cabinets. Concrete is poured over the new radiant floor heating tubes.

Colonial Addition: Floors and Fixtures
Dean and Robin discuss which flooring options work best over radiant floor heat. The new plumbing fixtures are installed.

Colonial Addition: Punchlist
Dean and Robin install appliances, hardware, and lights while wrapping up the final decorating, landscaping, and installation of home control elements.

Decorating Colonial Addition: Millwork
Dean and Robin repair walls, add built-ins, and install wainscoting as they begin redecorating the living room and dining room of a typical colonial-style home.

Decorating Colonial Addition: Color, Pattern & Texture
Dean and Robin paint walls and trim, refinish wood floors, and blend old and new furniture to finish redecorating the living room and dining room of a typical colonial-style home.


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