Habitat for Humanity: Show Index

View the many Habitat projects the Hometime has been apart of from 1992-today. Explore the effect of Habitat homes on families, neighborhoods and volunteers.

(To find out more about Habitat for Humanity, see our About Habitat page.)

Habitat for Humanity: 100 Home Initiative
Scheduled broadcast November 11, 2006
Dean Johnson, Miriam Johnson and the Hometime crew pitch in as the non-profit housing group collaborates with a local manufacturer to build a hundred houses in five years.

Habitat for Humanity: 100th Anniversary House
Originally broadcast October 29, 2005
Dean Johnson and Miriam Johnson work with volunteers at a Habitat for Humanity home, sponsored in large part by the College of St Catherine as part of its 100th anniversary observances.

Habitat for Humanity: Courage Center House
Originally broadcast November 2, 2002
Dean and Robin work with Habitat for Humanity volunteers and staff to help build a handicapped accessible home for a deserving family.

Habitat for Humanity: WomanBuild
Originally broadcast September 22, 2001
In this episode, Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl work with 500 women to build 2 houses in 25 days on St. Paul's east side.

Habitat for Humanity: A Hometime Day
Originally broadcast August 26, 2000
Dean, Robin and behind-the-scenes Hometime employees and production crew spend a day to help renovate a home for a deserving, low-income family.

Habitat for Humanity: St. Paul Row House
Originally broadcast January 9, 1999
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl work with volunteers on renovating a Row House in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Habitat for Humanity: Philadelphia
Originally broadcast December 12, 1998
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl join Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Philadelphia and explain what the organization is about and its impact in the Philadelphia area.

Habitat for Humanity: Kentucky
Originally broadcast September 27, 1997
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl join volunteers at the 13th annual Habitat for Humanity Jimmy Carter Work Project in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky. They look back on the work of the organization over the last 10 years.

Habitat for Humanity: A Day in the Life
Originally broadcast March 30, 1996
Spending a typical Saturday on a Habitat for Humanity site, Dean works with an established Minneapolis chapter on roofing and insulation, while Robin spends the day helping a new rural chapter in Hutchinson, MN frame their first house.

Habitat for Humanity: South Dakota
Originally broadcast January 7, 1995
Opening meeting for volunteers, camping on local football field, busing to construction site, working with volunteers (including Jimmy and Roslyn Carter) and special closing ceremonies

Habitat for Humanity: San Francisco
Originally broadcast October15, 1994, and re-broadcast July 1, 1995
Working on project in Walnut Creek, California, and visiting projects in San Francisco and Oakland

Habitat for Humanity: Minneapolis
Originally broadcast October 16, 1993, and re-broadcast September 3, 1994
Helping volunteers build a new home while taking a look behind the scenes at how a Habitat project works

Habitat for Humanity
Originally broadcast January 18, 1992
Dean and JoAnne join volunteers to build a house in just two weeks.

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