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A fifteen-part series detailing the construction and finishing details of the Lodge-Style Log Home.
(2,400 finished sq. ft.)

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(Series originally broadcast January-March 1999)

Lodge-Style Log Home: Log Shell
Dean and Robin help out as a log shell is trucked in and assembled by crane and crew on a lakeside lot. (Part 1).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Roofing
Dean and Robin help out as logs, pine planking, and insulated panels are set in place for the roof of the log home. Stonework begins on the foundation. (Part 2)

Lodge-Style Log Home: Exterior Work
Dean and Robin lend a hand with some of the exterior work on the log vacation home. A concrete patio and the roof tiles are installed. (Part 3).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Buttoning Up
Dean and Robin help to get the exterior of the lakeside log vacation home buttoned up with windows and doors, and work begins on the mechanical systems inside. (Part 4).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Starting Interior
Dean and Robin help with the electrical rough-in, and the chinking begins with insulating trap rod inserted between the logs. (Part 5).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Mechanicals
Dean and Robin talk about sealing the home up tight as a crew covers the trap rod between the logs with acrylic chinking material. They also talk with carpentry sub Dick Biscobing about prepping log walls for cabinets with slip joints to keep log shrinkage and settling from racking the cabinets. They update mechanical rough-ins, start installing drywall and show the initial framing for a complicated set of windows on the home's lakeside gable end. (Part 6).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Carpentry
Dean talks about the new gypsum thermal underlayment as it's poured over all the radiant floor tubes on the first and second floors. Robin talks with Dick Biscobing about the siding treatments for the home's unique bumpouts and dormers and about the pine casing for the windows set right in the logs. Dean works with Dwight Hawkinson on the Norwegian white spruce sauna in the lower level bath. (Part 7).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Interior Progress
Dean talks about the unique, soapstone masonry heater being installed in the lower level as work continues on taping the drywall and siding the bumpouts. In addition, Dick Biscobing shows Robin how the log railings are being assembled on the master bedroom loft, and Dean and Robin talk about spreading crack isolation membrane over the underlayment to help keep tile from cracking. (Part 8).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Trim-Outs
Dean and Robin show how to cut out unneeded sections of tie log over the great room, and they talk to Dick Biscobing and his crew about the installation of the log stairway. In addition, the white oak trim and the new cabinets are delivered, and tile contractor Troy Stolpe begins installing the filled and hone limestone floor tiles in the master bath. (Part 9).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Finishing
Dean and Robin install kitchen cabinets and get ready for countertops. Larry Stolpe begins laying the soapstone tile floor in the lower level bathroom. And Dean visits a recreational gaming showroom to browse through various home options. (Part 10).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Features
Dean and Robin work on the special details to polish off the lakeside log vacation home, including granite and solid surface countertops, white oak interior doors, the lakeside gable end windows and doors, plumbing fixtures, lights and appliances. (Part 11).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Decorative Plaster
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl explain the tinted and textured plaster treatment applied to the drywall partition walls. They also highlight the handcrafted wall tile in the lower level bath, the solid surface tub deck and the cast iron whirlpool tub. (Part 12).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Exterior Wrap-Up
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl talk about chinking the logs outside, capping the stone foundation, and finishing the soffit details. They also install the workshop cabinets. (Part 13).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Interior Wrap-Up
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl add decorative carving to the tie-log ends, finish the slip joints, install shower doors, and put in workshop countertops and flooring. (Part 14).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Final Tours
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl discuss landscaping, finishing the wood floors, installing a home theater and furnishing a log home as they wrap up the project with final tours of the main living spaces (Part 15).

Lodge-Style Log Home: Floor Plan


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