Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Show Index

An eight-part series going back to the original Prairie House Remodel project, this time working on the back side of the house to make this Prairie-style home more family-friendly.

(Series originally broadcast January-March 2001)

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Foundation and Framing
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl begin construction of a one-story addition on the back of a two-story Prairie-style home. They examine the challenges of moving heavy equipment and materials into and out of a small, urban back yard without street access.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Windows and Roofing
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl install the windows and supervise the installation of the flat roofing. The heating, plumbing, and electrical work begins.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Rough-ins and Insulation
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl supervise the plumbing, heating, and electrical work. The walls and ceilings are insulated.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Exterior and Landscaping
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl focus on the exterior surfaces. Stucco and siding are installed. Patios and other hardscape materials are laid.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Drywall
Drywall is installed in the one-story addition, revealing the proportions of the new rooms. Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl examine the combined feel and function of the new space.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Cabinets and Carpentry
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl install cabinets in the expanded kitchen and timbered beams in the new family room. They install additional millwork in the existing dining room to bridge the new and old sections of the home.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Flooring and Plumbing Fixtures
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl install salvaged heart pine flooring in the new kitchen and family room. Plumbing fixtures are installed in the kitchen and half bath.

Prairie House Remodel-Phase II: Lighting, Appliances, and Final Touches
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl move the appliances into the new kitchen, then finish off the project with lighting and furniture.


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