Prairie House Remodel: Show Index

A nine-part series on a remodel project that turned a 1-1/2-story, 50's-style home into a full 2-story home with many design and trim elements borrowed from the Prairie School of Architecture (of which Frank Lloyd Wright is the most famous practitioner).

(Originally Broadcast January-March 1995 and Re-Broadcast April-June 1996)

Prairie House Remodel: Demolition
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl begin the project of turning a 1950 Salt Box house into a Prairie Style House, tackling demolition and the roof tear-off.

Prairie House Remodel: Roof Framing
Framing the new roof on the house remodel and preparing the rough openings for the new windows.

Prairie House Remodel: Framing
Beginning framing the new interior walls and installing the windows.

Prairie House Remodel: Roofing
Shingling the new roof, finishing framing the interior walls and beginning the plumbing rough-in.

Prairie House Remodel: Electrical
Roughing-in the electrical, hanging drywall and installing a gas fireplace.

Prairie House Remodel: Millwork
Removing the old exterior door and installing a new one, hanging interior doors and installing rift-sawn white oak trim.

Prairie House Remodel: Walls & Floors
Installing ceramic tile in the bathroom and on the fireplace surrounds. Application of stucco and exterior painting.

Prairie House Remodel: Cabinets
Installing the bathroom vanity and Prairie Style built-in furniture in the master bedroom and living room.

Prairie House Remodel: Final Touches
Wrapping up remodel with installation of light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, window treatments, closet organizers and door hardware.

Prairie House Remodel "Before and After" Floor Plans


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