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Additions & Remodels
Historic Summer Home Historic Summer Home
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew rebuild old cabinets and install countertops and flooring to preserve and restore a lakeside summer home.
Townhome Upgrade Townhome Upgrade
We upgrade a townhome family room by adding a sleek new fireplace with a stone surround and wall-to-wall custom entertainment cabinets. A new wood floor, lighting and window treatments finish transforming this bland family home.
Music Room Music Room
We prepared a front porch once converted to an office for sharing space with a baby grand piano. We set tile, build cabinets and make a pretty new space for this unique piece of furniture.
Hobby Room Drying Out a Basement  
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew take a damp basement area and prepare it for upgrading into comfortable living space.
Hobby Room Improving Curb Appeal
Dean and the Hometime team use new siding, a nw entry door and window upgrades to make over the front of a modest home.
Hobby Room Hobby Room
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew take a small spare bedroom and shoehorn in a Murphy bed and a wall of cabinets.
100-Year-Old Porch 100-Year-Old Porch
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew pitch in to rebuild and expand an ornate porch on a turn-of-the-century home and revisit an historic mansion that's undergone a spectacular 2-1/2 year remodeling campaign.
Rambler Interior Wrap Rambler Interior Wrap
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew install the rambler's new wood floor, appliances and furniture.
Exterior Details Exterior Details
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew wrap up some exterior repairs by patching the interior walls and then adding a new deck railing and flowerboxes.
Rambler Cabinets Rambler Cabinets
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew guide the rambler remodel into the final phase with new kitchen and laundry room cabinets.
Improving Curb Appeal Improving Curb Appeal
In this episode Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew install siding, trim, and a garage door.
Window and Door Upgrades Window and Door Upgrades
In this episode we swaped out old windows for new ones and installed an entry door.
Rambler Cabinets Ready, Set... and Circular Window
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew clear the decks and set sail on a large remodel for a tiny rambler. Next, they tackle re-working the bones of a small rambler and install new windows and doors.
Urban Porch Urban Porch
We added a few more square feet of living space to a small urban home by framing in a second-floor screened porch. In addition, we put in a custom-built skylight and a floating floor over the rubber roof.
Ravages of Moisture Ravages of Moisture
In these two episodes we worked to repair extensive rot problems on a three story, 20-year-old home by replacing the existing windows and siding.
Drying out an Office Drying Out an Office
In these three episodes we tear out moldy carpet and replace a rotted patio door in a basement home office. We also spruce up the exterior and interior of this lower level office space.
Mid-Century Modern Rejuvenation Mid-Century Modern Rejuvenation
Dean and the Hometime crew pitch in to help new empty-nesters Nick & Michlle as they completely gut and rework their 1950's mid-century modern style home.
Bachelor Pad Townhouse Transformation Bachelor Pad Townhouse Transformation
We upgraded a vinyl floor to heated tile in a kitchen and powder room, make simple changes with trim and faux finish texture in a bland living room, and tear out two bedrooms and a small bathroom to create a new master suite.
Bonus Room Bonus Room
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew make a play and activies center in an unused room over a garage.
Expanding a Laundry Room Expanding a Laundry Room
We pitched in to help Hometime construction manager Dan Laabs tackle his own home improvement project—the goal being minimum inconvienence to the household!
Log Cabin Update Log Cabin Update
In what is becoming an annual ritual, Dean Johnson, along with Hometime regulars Dan, Buki and Judd, return to the log cabin for a couple days of maintenance, restoration and male bonding.
Replacing Windows, Doors, and Siding Replacing Windows, Doors, and Siding
In this two-part project, we renovate the exterior of a home that has expanded over time with a few additions—each featuring mismatched siding and windows—and replace them to give it a unified look.
Log Cabin Weekend Projects Log Cabin Weekend Projects
Dean and the crew return to the Hometime log cabin to build a back porch railing and to highlight new home theater components—sized to minimize their impact on the cabins rustic flavor.
Tammi & David's Basement Tammi & David's Basement
We helped homeowners refinish their basement to later find out they moved to a new home with another unfinished lower level in need of some help. We cover many areas such as a laundry room, powder room, kids activity space, and an entertainment area. Show Index
Attic Conversion Attic Conversion
In this series, we agreed to help a friend convert unused attic space into an owner's suite. The room is completed with interesting finish elements, new lighting, plumbing fixtures, and window treatments.
Fantasy Garage Fantasy Garage
We worked alongside the homeowner to transform an ordinary garage space by adding new flooring, garage doors, heating, paneling, and a variety of new storage systems and accessories.
Siding, Sealing, and Paint Siding, Sealing, and Paint
With a complete kitchen remodel carrying over to the exterior of their home, we helped friends Bob and Kay re-cover their house with low-maintenance siding, helped to seal the joints, and update the look with a fresh new coat of paint.
Backyard Sunroom Backyard Sunroom
We worked alongside a homeowner to turn the area under a second-story deck into a tropical sunroom by adding a tile floor, bleached pine trim, landscaping, and patio furniture.

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