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Home Technology
Wired for Sound Wired for Sound
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew showcase the newest whole-house home entertainment technologies.
Bathroom Mirror TV Bathroom Mirror TV
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew add home theaters to several locations in a high-end house.
North Woods TV North Woods TV
Dean and the Hometime crew upgrade the home entertainment and heating gear in this log cabin.
Pint-Sized Fireplace Pint-Sized Fireplace
In these three episodes we tear out moldy carpet and replace a rotted patio door in a basement home office. We also spruce up the exterior and interior of this lower level office space.
Shaping Office Space Shaping Office Space
Dean and Miriam renovate a spare room in Bill and Kitty's basement. A visual ceiling treatment is applied, a
manufactured stone treatment is used for the library shelves, and a heated floor tile is installed with a beautiful medallion.
Gas Fireplace Basement Office
Dean and the Hometime crew help Tony and Lisa transform their current improvised, unfinished basement office.
Log Cabin Weekend Log Cabin Weekend
Dean and the crew return to the Hometime log cabin to build a back porch railing and to highlight new home theater components—sized to minimize their impact on the cabins rustic flavor.
Installing a Gas Fireplace Installing a Gas Fireplace
Dean and the crew put a new gas fireplace in between a set of home theater cabinets, explaining how to frame the surround, drill through the exterior wall and run the ventilation pipe.
Home Office Retrofit Home Office Retrofit
In this project we dealt with the furniture, cabinetry, storage, and wiring issues that arise when converting a bedroom into a home office.
High Definition Television High Definition Television
We explored the terminology and technology of digital and high definition television during the installation and upgrade of two separate home theater systems.
Home Theater Home Theater
We installed a home theater system and visited Skywalker Ranch to learn how movie soundtracks are created.
Home Office Home Office
In this episode, we took a look at the wiring and equipment needed to outfit a new home office.
Gas Fireplace Gas Fireplace
We installed a new gas fireplace, showing how to build the platform and chase, connect the vent ducts, and finish the surround.

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