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Kitchens & Baths
Revitalizing Blah Bathrooms Revitalizing Blah Bathrooms
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew begin to gut and repurpose two out-of-date bathrooms
Accessible Bathroom Accessible Bathroom
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew convert three main floor rooms into a wheelchair-accessible master suite. Reframing the accessible bathroom is only the beginning. Special counters, plumbing fixtures and furnishings finish it off.
Finishing Bathroom and Bedrooms Granite Countertops
With a few strategic updates Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew bring a 1980s kitchen into the 21st century.
Finishing Bathroom and Bedrooms Finishing Bathroom and Bedrooms
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew bring the rambler's bathroom and bedrooms back on line.
Quick Change Bathroom Quick Change Bathroom
When there's only one bathroom in the home, Dean, Miriam, and the Hometime crew must make quick work of completely remodeling it.
Rambler Kitchen Rambler Kitchen
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew outfit a rambler's kitchen and laundry room.
Rethinking an Old Kitchen Rethinking an Old Kitchen
Dean and the crew coached Miriam and husband Paul through a complete kitchen and dining room renovation in their 80-year-old home.
Bachelor Pad Townhouse Transformation Bachelor Pad Townhouse Transformation
Dean and the crew upgrade a kitchen and powder room, reinvent a bland living room, and tear out two bedrooms and a small bathroom to create a new master suite with a spacious whirlpool tub.
Stone Powder Room Stone Powder Room
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl help homeowners transform bare walls and a concrete floor into a beautiful powder room with natural stone tile and elegant fixtures.
Twenty Years of Hometime Twenty Years of Hometime
We help former co-host JoAnne Liebeler remodel a bathroom. Dean, Mirian, and JoAnne reflect on the past twenty years of home improvement television while they rearrange & upgrade this space.
Victoria Bath Victoria Bath
With an old and out-dated mater bathroom, Phil and Marjorie request the help of Dean Johnson to give it a facelift. In this two-part series, they gut and remodel the master bath and transform the space with the installation of a new jetted tub and tile.
Cantilevered Kitchen Cantilevered Kitchen
Dean Johnson and the Hometime crew pulled some engineering rabbits from their toolbelts to remodel a kitchen whose laod-bearing cabinets support a loft above.
Wood & Tile Floor Wood & Tile Floor
Dean and Robin pitched in as Hometime Construction Manager Dan Laabs tackled new floors for his kitchen, dining room and living room (and new countertops, and a new sink, and new light fixtures….)
Soaking Tub Bathroom Soaking Tub Bathroom
We teamed up with homeowner Nancy and her sister—as well as kids and neighbors—to completely remodel her 70's-style master bathroom. We installed a cast-iron soaking tub as the room's centerpiece.
Tired Old Kitchen Tired Old Kitchen
The homeowners asked us to help them update their 70's-style kitchen and living room before their daughters high school graduation. Guiding them through the process, we teamed up for demolition through product selection, up to the final details. Show Index
Starter-house Kitchen Starter-house Kitchen
In this three-part series, we assisted new parents Beth and Ben enlarge their tiny kitchen space, increase storage, and update their appliances—all while keeping an eye on baby Jack.
Bathroom Makeover Bathroom Makeover
In this two-part project we helped homeowners Tony and Lisa update their main bathroom by putting in a new window and totally redoing the walls, floors, fixtures, cabinets, and lighting.
Condo Kitchen Condo Kitchen
In this three-part series, we decided to help Dean's parents as they remodeled the kitchen and laundry room of their condominium. We dealt with the special issues of access, tight quarters, common walls, and neighbors.
Basement Laundry and Bath Basement Laundry and Bath
In this three-part series, we helped the homeowners upgrade a basement laundry room, salvage space for a new bathroom and renovate an adjacent family room that they had finished off 5 years before.
Split-entry Kitchen Split-entry Kitchen
In this three-part series we helped modernize and transform an outdated kitchen prior to a magazine photo shoot. We worked with the family living in the home, as well as with some of their favorite contractors and carpenters.
Surprise Bath Surprise Bath
In this two-part series, we offered to help remodel a bathroom as a father and son worked to surprise "mom" while she was away on a business trip. The goal was to tear out and install a new cast-iron tub, tile, and fixtures before she came home.

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