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Kitchens & Baths - Archives
Urban Bath Remodel Urban Bath Remodel
In this six-part miniseries, we made dramatic changes to a small urban home by eliminating an existing small bedroom to enlarge and update a tiny bathroom. Special focus on blending old and new construction techniques and materials.
Updating a Ranch Kitchen Updating a Ranch Kitchen
In this three-part series we remodeled the kitchen of a ranch-style home built in the 1950s.
Fixing a Bad Kitchen Layout Fixing a Bad Kitchen Layout
Design problems plagued this newer kitchen, so we created a design that better integrates the kitchen with the surrounding living areas.
1923 Kitchen Revival 1923 Kitchen Revival
In this four-part miniseries, we updated the kitchen of a 1923 home and, by undoing the effects of a 1970s remodel, brought it closer to the original style of the home.
Ceramic Tile Bathroom Ceramic Tile Bathroom
From preparing the substrate to specialty trim tiles, we showed the basics of ceramic tile installation for bathroom floors, tub surrounds, walls, and countertops.
Chanhassen Kitchen Chanhassen Kitchen
In this project we remodeled an outdated 1970's kitchen to improve the layout and improve its appearance.
Kenwood Bath Remodel Kenwood Bath Remodel
This remodel project showed how we borrowed space to enlarge a master bathroom. We installed ceramic tile walls, a marble tile floor, a glass shower enclosure, and new fixtures.
Chanhassen Bathroom Chanhassen Bathroom
While renovating this outdated family bathroom we stole just a little adjoining space to vastly improve its storage capacity.
Master Suite Master Suite
To update this master suite we tore down the walls between two 1970's-style bathrooms to create a larger master bath and walk-in closet.
Kitchen Remodel 1994 Kitchen Remodel 1994
We upgraded a dark and unappealing kitchen by removing the old fixtures and cabinets and adding a dramatic new window.
Bathroom Remodel 1994 Bathroom Remodel 1994
We updated a ground-floor bathroom to include some of the more current trends in bath design.
Bathroom Remodel 1992 Bathroom Remodel 1992
A four-part series devoted to remodeling an existing bathroom to make way for improvements.
Kitchen Remodel 1992 Kitchen Remodel 1992
We tackled two kitchens for this miniseries. One we gutted entirely. The other we gave a facelift that included refacing the cabinets.

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