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Landscape & Garden
Town Home Micro Landscaping
Boulder Waterfall and Vinyl Fencing
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew use some oversized boulders to create a backyard water feature. Then they put up a maintenance free fence, insulate an attic and install a new roof.
Town Home Micro Landscaping
Backyard Clean Slate and Ashlar Paver Patio
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew prepare a cluttered backyard for a new patio, fence and water feature. Then they install a tumbled paver patio with plenty of circles and curves.
Town Home Micro Landscaping Townhome Micro Landscaping
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew create an oasis with retaining walls, patios and plantings within the compact back yard of a townhome.
Front Yard Rehab Front Yard Rehab
We helped clean up a front yard by adding new egress pits, retaining walls, a paver patio driveway, a pergola w/ trellis, new foliage, and a sprinkler system.
Walkout Retaining Wall Walkout Retaining Wall & Paver Patio
Dean, Miriam and the Hometime crew replace some decaying timber terracing with a series of faux stone retaining walls.
Pond Reconstruction Pond Upkeep
New problems at the pond require some unusual solutions. Dean, Miriam and the Hometime team experiment with a uniquely fragrent fertilizer to repel deer, bacteria to keep the pond from turning green, and a custom fence to keep out the invasive carp.
Hillside Patio/Irrigating a Yard Hillside Patio/Irrigating a Yard
The family has outgrown its backyard play set. We helped create a grown-up outdoor space on the hillside with retaining walls, a unique turf-and-paver patio, underground irrigation, and perennial plantings.
Saving a Beat-up Yard Saving a Beat-up Yard
We returned to Bob and Kay's home afer the addition of a new patio and driveway to add a walkway, patch-up their lawn, and enhance their landscape after a summer of remodeling leaves their yard a mess.
Pond Reconstruction Pond Reconstruction
In this two-part project, we continued the saga of restoring a 5-acre pond and the surrounding wetlands. A new stone weir and custom steel bridge were put in place and over 56,000 native grasses and perennials were planted.
Frontyard Makeover Deck and Frontyard Makeover
In this episode, we showed how upgrading the concrete front steps and focused landscape improvements can transform a front yard.
Shoreline Restoration Shoreline Restoration
In this two-part series, we explored ecological and aesthetic issues as we documented the efforts to stabilize and restore the crumbling shoreline around a 5-acre pond.
New Suburban Landscape New Suburban Landscape
We started from scratch on the landscape of a new suburban home and installed new patios, driveway, and sidewalks; a new irrigation system; planting beds and plant material; and low-voltage lighting.
Landscaping a New Home Landscaping a New Home
In this two-part miniseries, we delved into the challenges of landscaping a new home site.
Urban Backyard Urban Backyard
We returned to our Colonial Addition project to clean up the mess we made of the backyard, build a new cedar fence with an arbor, and plant new gardens.
Cottage Gardens Cottage Gardens
In this episode, we defined the cottage style of landscaping and showed how it works with both an 1890's and a 1990's home.
Shingle Cottage Landscape Shingle Cottage Landscape
In this follow-up to the Shingle Cottage series, we developed a landscape plan that included planting beds, a retaining wall, stamped concrete patios, a drip irrigation system, and more. Show Index
Water Gardens Water Gardens
We excavated and installed a complete water garden that included a pump, filter, aquatics, fish, and a waterfall.
Backyard Makeover Backyard Makeover
This episode focused on improving the structure of an urban backyard by building a fence and installing a paver patio and walkway.
Landscaping and Deck Landscaping and Deck
We landscaped the backyard of a newly built home, installing a new deck, cobblestone-look pathway, and exterior lighting.
Retaining Walls Retaining Walls
In this project we tackled both a basic retaining wall and an elaborate terracing project. Show Index
Patio Furniture Patio Furniture
We built two Adirondack chairs, a footstool, and a small snack table.
Putter Shed Putter Shed
We returned to the original Log Cabin to build a simple backyard shed with some classic touches like windows in the double doors and clerestory windows across the top.
Basic Landscaping Basic Landscaping
In this two-part series we renovated a tired landscape with new trees, shrubs, and flowers along with a new walkway and deck.

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