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The Betsy-Tacy Homes The Betsy-Tacy House: Interior
Dean, Miriam & the Hometime crew return to the home that was the setting for the "Betsy-Tacy" children's novels to gut the interior, repair the framing rebuild the interior of this historic home.
The Betsy-Tacy Homes The Betsy-Tacy Homes
We lend a hand with the childhood homes of author Maude Hart Lovelace & her best friend "Bick", whose adventures inspired the famous series of "Betsy-Tacy" children's novels. We pitch in to restore windows, stairs & siding.
Loft Living Tour Loft Living Tour
We toured several lofts to examine the growing trend of loft conversion and construction in the condominium market.
Habitat for Humanity Habitat for Humanity
View the many Habitat projects we've taken part in from 1992–today. Show Index
Make Room for Baby Grand Make Room for Baby Grand
We prepared a front porch converted to an office for sharing space with a baby grand piano. The crew set tile, built cabinets and made a pretty new space for this unique piece of furniture.
Commercial Office Remodel Commercial Office Remodel
We apply do-it-yourself skills to the remodeling of a commercial office space and show how it differs from residential remodeling.
Furnishing an Apartment Furnishing an Apartment
Dean helped a gaggle of college students build bunk beds, assemble furniture, and deal with lighting, decorating and storage in a small apartment.
Horse Fence Horse Fence
In these two episodes, we worked alongside homeowners Ann and J.C. to replace a tottering fence, regrade and seed the pasture, and put gutters and downspouts on the barn.
Building a Treehouse Building a Treehouse
We worked alongside 9-year-old Ryan and his parents, Bonnie and Earl, to build and furnish a lavish treehouse.
Mansions of the Gilded Age Mansions of the Gilded Age
We explored an exclusive historic district in St. Paul, Minnesota, where dozens of Gilded-Age mansions are located just blocks from the downtown commercial district and the state capitol.
Dream Home Tour 2004 Dream Home Tour 2004
Dean Johnson and Robin Hartl collect a wide variety of opinions and responses to a series of high-end homes on display during a builders' showcase.
Hometime Holiday Special Hometime Holiday Special
Getting into the holiday spirit, we take viewers behind the scenes of three holiday traditions.
Dream Home Tour 2002 Dream Home Tour 2002
We toured three high-end model homes and discuss the features with the architects and builders.
Wine Storage Wine Storage
In this two-part project, we converted a small closet to a wine storage area and toured several wineries in California's Napa Valley to learn more about the process of wine-making and storage.
International Builders' Show International Builders' Show
We travelled to the International Builders' Show to highlight the new ideas, technologies, and products in the residential construction industry.
Dream Home Tour 2001 Dream Home Tour 2001
We toured three new high-end homes to discover the latest trends in layout, finishing, and features.
Irish Cottage Irish Cottage
We were lucky enough to visit a traditional Irish cottage near the city of Cork in Ireland, where we observed a series of improvements inside and out, all designed to enhance the cottage's traditional elements.
Accessibility Accessibility
We explored the growing issue of accessibility in the home, building an entry ramp and touring several homes with a variety of accessibility features.
Farewell to JoJo Farewell to JoJo
Long-time co-host JoAnne Liebeler makes her last appearance on Hometime. Interviews from the crew and behind-the-scenes footage revealed the goofs, giggles, pranks, and favorite shows of one of our favorite hosts.

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